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Puppy Play and Insomnia: A session story.

Greetings to all you party people, family people, recluses, scrooges and everyone in between. Regardless of whether you acknowledge Christmas or the 1st January as your new year, it's always a time where most of the people around us either leave us, or invade our privacy. For some of us it's lonely. For some of us it brings new hope. For some of us it's a relief to have it over and done with. For me personally, I like the food. For me this time of year is a really good excuse to drink slightly more expensive wine and eat more cake than I usually would.

As a little festive treat, I thought I would give all you hungry kinksters a little dose of what it's like to go on a night out with me here in my adopted city of Berlin. I met my new sub, the Danish Boy, online. He had a rather impressive profile, being a frequenter of the most noted BDSM clubs in his home country of Denmark. He got in touch early via email, and gave a fantastic introduction. He told me that he was coming to Berlin in early December and was looking for a Mistress to accompany him to Insomnia's Thursday Night Play-Party: Hilly's Spielplatz. I had heard of Hilly's play-parties, set in the sprawling INSOMNIA Club basement, Hilly organises parties that are designed to be safe, inclusive and naughty as hell. The first part of the evening would be a guided workshop on pet play with a rather gorgeous and very well qualified expert in the kink. The rest of the evening would be an open play party for all of us with cocktails, a spanking competition and lots of delicious new people to meet and explore.

That's some background, just setting the scene for you. Now I am going to let you follow our night through the words of the Danish Boy himself who has been kind enough to write a little account of our naughty night out. You'll see here that he calls me Mommy, that's my favourite way to be address when I am dominating, incase you didn't know..

When Mommy and I met she was amazingly powerful, free and happy and her smile melted me ​​right down to my military boots. It was a very happy atmosphere, she made me completely calm, even though I well knew that I was going to submit to her when we arrived at Insomnia.

I had never been to Insomnia Berlin, but life is about growing as a human being and it feels best to do that with open-minded people. I love the atmosphere and the free spirit of these places, but I was still scared to go to the club alone. I had written with a completely insanely beautiful woman to get some help in killing all the butterflies which had stolen all the space in my little belly. After a lot of emails, it was finally time to fly to my beloved city of Berlin to meet her. Check in on the hotel. See the town again, back to where I destress from normal everyday life and let my heart beat a little less per minute.

When Mommy and I met she was amazingly powerful, free and happy and her smile melted me ​​right down to my military boots. It was a very happy atmosphere, she made me completely calm, even though I knew that I was going to submit to her when we arrived at Insomnia. But our chemistry made me full of joy and desire. Desire to submit to her and be the perfect servant. So when Mommy wished to smoke, I found and held an ashtray and lit her cigarette. It was a completely natural thing to do: to show others that I was her bottom, but at the same time a Gentleman.

With her leather collar around my neck, I experienced a really amazing feeling of pride and higher enjoyment that I feel vanilla people do not quite understand. Maybe I was a little bit exhibitionist. I felt seen. The workshop started and Mommy and I enjoyed it all, we took it all in and had a great time. Humor and other positive things were present and I found out that pet play is not necessarily always inclusive of the feeling of humiliation. With the right person as Dominant, it can be a very beautiful loving, caring, playground.

So many deep thoughts and personal growth, both as a human being and also as a bottom, pet, slave and boy under my Gorgeous Mommy. Sitting on the sofa, with the dog mask on, I was now her little puppy on my knee pads, following my "owner" for the night. I had no choice but to follow my Mommy when ever she clicked the leash on my collar. I was shown off to the other beautiful guests. So many beautiful people. WOW! Everyone was very sweet and friendly. We moved deeper into the play party, and the dark side of the night started. Everything Mommy contained and stood for gave me a dream-like night where she loved my brain out with so much love and pain. Blade, You are the best Mommy. Thanks for letting me be your boy, puppy, servant etc. It gives me so much inner peace that you would think it was a lie.

- the Danish Boy.

If that's not adorable, I don't know what is. My boy has been gracious and gentlemanly with his account of our night, sweetly omitting the part where we found a dark corner and I tied him to the cross for a strict beating. In our communications since he informed me that he enjoyed feeling the marks in the days after our date. With COVID-19 looming it's ugly head once again, I fear nights out like these may not be possible for a little while, but we can dream. I look forward to many more nights like these in 2022.

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