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Session Stories: College Roleplay

But my biggest worry passes me right in this moment, patting my shoulder gently, showing a gleaming smile and joyful sparks in her eyes.

Puppy Play and Insomnia: A session story.

Greetings to all you party people, family people, recluses, scrooges and everyone in between. Regardless of whether you acknowledge...

Reflections on my return to work.

What it's like to be back in the game, one month in. Image: Blade at home. (April 2021). Shot by Yegan Mazandarani. Sitting here in an...

Guess who's back.

It's official: as of 18th June 2021 in-person erotic services will be allowed once again in Germany. Many of us in the industry approach...

CYBERTEASE Anniversary 2.0

Find out about my upcoming performance for the CyberTease anniversary show on April 15th.

The Socialist Strip Club: CYBERTEASE

This Thursday I'll be performing live at CYBERTEASE, an online strip and performance space organised by members of the Union: United...

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