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The Socialist Strip Club: CYBERTEASE

Updated: May 3, 2021

This Thursday I'll be performing live at CYBERTEASE, an online strip and performance space organised by members of the Union: United Voices of the World. Being a member of a union is important. All jobs are vulnerable to exploitative working conditions by toxic managers and bureaucratic processes. Sex work is no different. Sex work is work. As with other unions, UVW aims to:

..organise to establish ‘worker’ status, which will enable those working in clubs to claim basic rights at work, such as annual leave, sick pay, a guaranteed basic wage and the right to organise and be represented by a trade union. - UVW.

Buy a ticket and join via zoom, tip me or the other girls via PayPal. Each performer gets a spotlight song, I've gone for a Rolling Stones classic for my spotlight song so have fun with that. My show will feature latex and lots of oil and some BDSM moves.

What started as a way to make money in lockdown has become a blueprint for fairer working conditions. - TimeOut.

All the proceeds go back to the organisers and performers too so ticket sales are a great way of supporting sex workers right now in a time where we have lost our spaces of work. It's not just about having fun and shining some light into lockdown (we want that too, you know), it's also about survival, freedom, and solidarity.

See you on Thursday.

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