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Guess who's back.

It's official: as of 18th June 2021 in-person erotic services will be allowed once again in Germany. Many of us in the industry approach this long-awaited development with caution: many times we have been promised re-opening only to have it taken away from us. Obviously more people are vaccinated now, the situation looks better, but if things get bad again, sex workers will be one of the first groups to pay the price for a toughening of COVID measures.

With this healthy dose of skepticism in mind, I still begin to look forward to things. I am so excited to announce my new residency at Studio Lux in Tempelhof, Berlin. Studio Lux is a dominatrix owned and ran BDSM studio stocked to the ceilings with the most incredible equipment, machinery and expertise. I'll be starting my studio days there at the end of June, so all being well you can catch me there most Fridays and Saturdays for the foreseeable future.

I'll also be working at Luxuria Massagen again where you can find me practicing tantra, intimacy and wellness. It's a beautiful spot in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin. To find me at either of these locations, simply drop me an email or a message or fill in the form on my contact page.

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