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Session Stories: College Roleplay

You can call me Ally if you like. This is the story about me, reaching out to Blade and how she makes it easy for me to be open to her, when I usually wouldn’t be. This is for you, the shy reader, the insecure ones, who worry about messing everything up even before starting to fill out a contact form. Perhaps I can encourage you to do it one day.

Hello lovers. It's me again, back with another tantalizing session story to pique your curiosity. Perhaps this one will be the one to push you over the edge and finally book that session with me huh. This latest story comes to you from a faithful and beautiful little submissive of mine, Ally. Ally is a great writer so enjoy this one with a nice cup of coffee. I have really been enjoying roleplays recently. With my background in film and acting, it comes very naturally to me to make up and maintain these characters. Nothing more relieving that getting lost for a little while in these trying times. and now, Ally:

Session Story: May I be a brat, please? You can call me Ally if you like. This is the story about me, reaching out to Blade and how she makes it easy for me to be open to her, when I usually wouldn’t be. This is for you, the shy reader, the insecure ones, who worry about messing everything up even before starting to fill out a contact form. Perhaps I can encourage you to do it one day.

Speaking as an introvert about my own desires

I find it hard to speak about my desired body experiences. One reason is, I am not entirely comfortable with my body. A different reason: I get nervous when I am the center of attention, especially when it is such a personal topic.

“But Ally, a talk with a sex worker is great practice! They are used to these talks and can help you through it.”

Thank you, imaginary doubter, I know.

But for me, and I suppose for other shy persons as well, that doesn’t help. It makes it worse. My inhibitions of talking about my fantasies and what I’d like to experience stand between me and a good time with a sex worker. My communication skill acts as a gatekeeper. Only if I manage to break the chains of thinking of myself as too weird, too unimportant, or too boring, I can get my message across. (Yes, I can think of my sex fantasies as too weird and too boring at the same time, don’t ask me how.) That means, it’s all on me. I must lay my insecurities and wishes into the hand of a stranger, so they can value them. It feels like intrusion: I make someone else think about my desired body experience!

And while for me, just writing that kind of an email is an exceptional experience, the respective sex workers deal with these messages on a regular basis. Knowing, I am nothing special, I must trust them beforehand to take care of me and to create a safe space where I can express myself without the fear of being considered boring, (in a bad way) weird, annoying. How could I ever do that?!

This is where Blade comes into play.

Why it’s great to hand your wishes over to Blade

When I lay out my desires in front of her, my secrets nobody else knows, accompanied by a weird story in which these fantasies could take place, it’d be easy to crush me. Not by denying my request, I could handle that. But by cutting it into pieces, until the request fits into a standard role play, where everybody knows from porn, novels, and pop culture how to behave.

Blade does the opposite. First via text, then speaking face to face, she is full of appreciation for a good story and even develops it, making it her own. In my case, the story was already good I suppose, but I had lots of different practices and situations I wished to experience, unsure though how and if they’d fit into the scenario. So, I handed it all to Blade – and she turned it into an incredible adventure.

The fantasy: The school idol is a kinkster – and has her eyes on you

The fantasy I brought to her takes place in a boarding school, or a college. Blade is a senior student, “head girl”, in-between the phase of learning and lecturing. The faculty considers her to be a great example for newcomerss, therefore she is part of the “buddy” or “favorite“-system of the institution. She can choose a first-year she wants to guide and help through the difficult times one experience when starting in a new college.

For the newbies, it is a privilege to be chosen. Their bigger sibling will make sure they make it through. They are not on their own anymore. But at the same time, it is in the hand of their warden how free or how restricted their daily life on campus will be. The bigger siblings can decide on their own, how they want to guide and protect their favorites. If the results are alright, the methods were as well.

But Blade is not only looking for a good student – perhaps there is a kinky first-year out there? An unexperienced newbie she could educate, and nurture, who likes to depend on her. Someone who enjoys being guided through the semester via BDSM methods. Or: Who can be persuaded that they better enjoy it.

The newbie she chooses is of course: me.

The scene unfolds: Summoned into the office

I sit on a stool in front of a massive, wooden desk, in the “Head girl’s office”. This place is intimidating. One reason could be that there is a blackboard on the wall with the current date and my name on it. The old school bench in front of the blackboard, that looks like a lot of students received a spanking while bended over it, might be another one. A third reason are some worrying looking tools that are put on display on the desktop – for instance a blindfold, a gag, and some clothes pegs.

But my biggest worry passes me right in this moment, patting my shoulder gently, showing a gleaming smile and joyful sparks in her eyes. I don’t know much about her, but that she is called Blade, and that is a bad idea to upset her. “The easiest solution is, just stay out of her way, then you have nothing to worry about”, was the advice I got from a second-year. Great advice. I managed to follow it for two weeks, until she called me right into her office.

She examines me blatantly and with curiosity. To my own annoyance I blush immediately. But I use the chance and look at her as well. She wears the traditional tartan skirt that usually is only mandatory to special events, and a white tight blouse. But what makes her literally shine are her black, tight latex leggings. I cannot take my eyes of her when she walks pass me, taking a seat behind the desk. For some seconds, there is just electrized silence.

“So, Ally. What do you know about me?” Her voice is soft. But I feel the tension behind her words. I clear my throat.

“I – I know, you are Blade. You are one of the head girls. I was told one should not mess with you”, I try to say half as a joke, half serious, to see how she reacts. She grins a bit when I say that. I don’t really know what to make out of that, so I just get even more nervous.

“Yes. Great. What else?”

“That… you are one of the experienced students who are part of the buddy system?”

“Exactly. And that’s why you are here, Ally. I wonder, if I should pick you as my favorite.”

If possible, I blush even more. “Oh, wow! That’s a surprise. And would be an honor. I am flustered. But I am not that special, I am afraid.”

“Yes you are! I got my hands on your personal files. Your last grades were really good. You took part in several scientific programs. You are a bit of a loner, but that’s not bad either for what I have in mind for you.”

“You have something in mind for me…?”

“Yes! And we have the whole day to test and if you fit into the role as my favorite. I am really excited to do this with you. I am sure, you will be as well, soon enough.”

“Wait, can we slow down for a second?”, I say, while I try to process what is happening. “This is a lot of information -“

“No, we cannot, I am afraid!”, she shuts me down immediately. With a smile, but strict. “Stand up. Take a seat on the bench in front of the blackboard.”

A bit shaken, I act as commanded.

Getting a lesson about lieges and subjects

Blade steps in front of the blackboard and takes a piece of chalk. She writes “being a favorite of Blade” on the board, then draws a table with two columns.

“Are you familiar with the feudal system, Ally?”

I nod nervously.

“Our relationship will be similar to one of a liege lord and their subject. I am your liege in that perspective. I will protect you.” She writes “protection” above the left column.

“I make sure the faculty will take notice, when you do a good job in a class. I support you when you struggle with a specific subject. As my favorite, you get privileged access to certain areas of the campus other students cannot enter, like the separate reading room in the library. And I let hell lose on every student that comes in your way or speaks bad about your person.”

For a brief moment, only the sound of scraping chalk is to hear, while she writes down the different kind of protection services. “As you can see”, she points to the filled table column, “you get a lot out of this relationship. And you will be pleased to her, that the tasks you will have, are really simple.”

She writes “Serve” in the header of the right column. Her first bullet point is “show loyalty”.

“Your first task: Show loyalty. Your second task. Suffer.”

“There are a lot of different ways, you can show your loyalty to me. The first thing would be, if I ask you to do something for me – you’ll do it. If I ask you to massage my feet after a long day, you do it. If I have a nice dress for you, that shows you are mine, you will wear it. Okay? Great.”

She doesn’t expect a response at this point – which is good, because I am speechless.

“And the second task, will be this…”

Her voice tells me, she smiles while writing the next bullet point. Then, she steps aside, presenting it to me, beaming with joy. “Suffer”, I read. My heart skips a beat.

“I must say, I am a bit of a sadist. And to inflict pain on you, to put you in a difficult situation and watching you handle it – because you want to please me – that would make me really happy. Humiliation is also a great way of suffering. I really enjoy to look into your big intimated eyes, to make you stumbling for words, your face turning red… that’s really cute!”

I feel my hands getting sweaty. I try to focus. “But – this is just an offer, right? Can I, like, think about for a day? This is a lot to consider.”

“This is a lot to consider, but don’t worry, I consider it for you”, she says, constantly smiling. “So – no, it’s not your choice. And I am pretty sure you are excited to be in this position. You’ll see. Now, stand up again.”

Like a robot on remote control, I stand up.

“Get undressed.”

“Get – what? N-no?!”

She steps in front of me, with an angry sparkle in her eyes, her hands at her hips, ready for action.

“Ally, is this the way you want to start this relationship? Get undressed!”

Intimidated, I take my clothes off. Slowly. Reluctantly. Stopping before certain parts.

“Everything, Ally… your underwear as well.”

Finally, I stand naked in front of her, my head red as a tomato. While I try to cover my cover my intimate parts, she slowly walks around me, her finger tips touching my naked skin. Immediately, I get goose gumps. She noticed it and giggles. “I knew, you’d be into it.”

Collar and clothes pegs

“Turn in the other direction and kneel.”

This time, I don’t hesitate. I hear Blade walking back to her desk. My thoughts spin in circles. I need to do something. This is obviously a misunderstanding; I am not into this! Or… am I? Her steps, coming back to me, stop my train of thoughts. I am too nervous, and a bit curious about what happens next.

It’s a broad, thick leather collar that happens next – she puts it around my neck and closes it on the back side.

“I won’t wear a collar!”, I say in shock, grabbing the thing with my hands.

“Oh yes, you will!”, she replies, smiling, but firm. “Every time we are together. And every time you want so show loyalty to me. Trust me, it will be fun. Look, I can even attach a leash!” She attaches the leash and pulls on it, forcing me to get back onto my feet. We have a little walk around the room. Well. She walks, I am forced to follow. She wants to demonstrate her power over me, and I can’t say with certainty that it doesn’t affect me. I cannot be into being pushed around like this! Or… can I?

Blade sits me down on a couch at the side of the office. She walks back to the desk, grabs the clothes pegs, comes back to me. I am getting hot. Then cold. Then hot again.

“Now, we try the pain part. I really like the look of your nipples. And I want to put these on them, if you don’t mind?”

“W- what if I do mind?”

I try to hide them with my hands. She grabs me by the wrists, with a surprising strong grip. Her eyes lock onto mine. I feel my resistance slide away. “You’d do it for me, Ally”, she says with her softest voice. “This is only between you and me. I’d really enjoy it, if you let me do it.”

Fuck, why I cannot resist her? I let her put my hands away.

“Thank you!” The joy the spreads wash away my hesitation. It will be alright, I guess.

“This is, the first one…”


She giggles. “Oh yes, that hurts, I know. And, the second one. Look at you! You’re doing great!”

I look down on my hard, aching nipples, with two clothes pegs sticking out from them. She plays with them, wobbling them around, and it really does hurt. But the joy Blade sparkles now, affects me. It arouses me even. But I won’t ever tell her that.

She holds the next clothes peg in front of me.

Stick. Your. Tongue. Out.

“This one will go on your tongue.”

I swallow hard. That’s too much. Not because of the pain. I still have some pride.


“Yes. Stick your tongue out.”

I press my lips together. And shake my head.

“Ally!” Her voice becomes threatening. “Stick your tongue out!”

Again, I shake my head.

Smack! She slaps me in my face. I blink in shock. But no. I cannot do that.

She slaps me again, harder. Her eyes are dark. She stands so close, I imagine I can see little lightning bolts in her iris. One more time, she slaps me. And shows the clothes peg to me.

“Ally, you want me as your friend, not as an enemy! Do, what I say. Stick. Your. Tongue. OUT!”

Feeling the burns on my left and right cheek, and her burning eyes locked on me, I breath in. I breath out. Looking for an exit out of this situation. But there is none. I have to do it. It is a realization that should actually distress me. But instead, I must admit to myself - I find the situation exciting. Well. No need to tell that Blade.

While trying to show her with every inch of my body that I don’t like what she is about to do, with the most pouty look on my face I am capable of – I stick my tongue out.

The clouds disappear, and with a smile like the sunshine after the storm, she puts clothes peg on my tongue.

“Ouch! That really hurtf”, I say. And cannot help but giggle about myself.

“I know. And now say, thank you mistress.”

I roll my eyes.

“Fank you, Miftreff.”

“Great. Say it again!”

“Fank you, Miftreff!”

“Wonderful.” She pats my cheek. “Stay for me that way for a second, darling.”

Into the next chapter

I feel the pain pulsing through my tongue and nipples, while she heads back to her desk, grabs the next tools, and comes back.

“You want to get rid of that thing on your tongue, yes?”


“Than open your mouth wide, stick your tongue out.”

I do as commanded. And one moment, I am happy, that Blade indeed removes the clothes peg – but in the next moment, I have a gag in mouth. She secures it with leather straps around my head before I any chance to protest. Blade looks down on me with a smile. The last thing in her hand is the blindfold.

“You do great Ally, really. It’s not that important that you were disobedient for a moment. I know it is hard for you to find into this new role. What really matters is that you did show loyalty and you chose to suffer for me. By the way, do your nipples hurt?”

I nod.

“Great. For the next part, I want to move you into a secret part of the college. You are not allowed to see where we are going. Therefore, I will put a blind fold on you. But I have you on the leash, so you are save with me, alright?”

I nod again and stretch my neck, to make it easier for her to tie the blindfold. A moment later, it gets black around me.

“There you go, you starting to behave! Off we go now.”

The pull on the leash is not rough this time, but a sign of motivation to stand up now. Well. What else am I supposed to do? I follow Blade into the darkness.

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